• Inchyra Estate Walnut Hand Turned Bowl

Inchyra Estate Walnut Hand Turned Bowl

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A one-off hand-turned bowl made from seasoned wood from a fallen walnut tree on the Inchyra Estate.  A rough finish with blue resin base.  Perfect for nuts or snacks.   

Each piece produced from Inchyra Estate wood has been beautifully handmade by Perthshire wood craftsman Chris Jefferies, very much with the Inchyra aesthetic in mind -both rustic and high quality. The form of each piece is very much much dictated by the wood and purposefully not made perfect.  Each embraces the character of the individual piece of wood and is, by definition, unique.   


Content: walnut wood, unfinished, can be wiped with vegetable oil prior to food use if required 

Care: hand wash only, do not leave to soak, can be wiped with any vegetable oil from time to time to prevent drying

Size: W16cm x H6cm