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Porridge Spurtle

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A high quality hand-turned wooden Porridge Spurtle, the traditional Scottish implement for stirring porridge, made especially for us in sycamore by skilled Yorkshire-based wood turner Hugh Leishman. Our spurtle is both traditional and contemporary in its design - in keeping with the Inchyra style - with a chunky turned stem and simple Scottish thistle top. 

You may be interested to know a bit about the history of the spurtle. It's the traditional Scottish implement for stirring porridge and dates from the 15th century. Did you find us by searching for 'spurtle'? You could also have spelt it spurtel, spurtil, spirtle or spartle! The idea is that the spurtle moves the porridge around without it becoming lumpy and the low surface area of the spurtle compared to a spoon reduces the chance of the porridge sticking to the stirrer. Every Scottish home would have had one and now, with the resurgence in the popularity of porridge due to benefits of 'slow release carbohydrates', spurtles are once again in high demand. As a Scottish company, we have made spurtles for years and we're very happy to see porridge back up there where it belongs again!

Your spurtle will be delivered carefully wrapped in tissue paper and closed with an Inchyra leaf motif sticker in gold, ideal if you are sending it as a present. We are happy to send packages out to alternate delivery addresses and can also add a gift message for you. 

Care of your Porridge Spurtle:

To give your spurtle a good chance of a really long life it should be hand washed - generally treat it as you would a wooden spoon. Ideally do not leave it soaking in water.  As with all wood items used with water, would benefit from occasionally being lightly wiped with vegetable oil. 

Porridge Spurtle size:

L 30cm 

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