• Inchyra red and blue cafetiere thermal cover

Merino Wool Cafetiere Cosy


We make these brilliant Cafetiere Cosies from quilted Yorkshire merino wool. Why wool? Because it's Nature's insulator - anything with a woolly coat stays warm - and we've found it is excellent for keeping coffee warm too. The covers have a button closing and pretty gingham piping.

The merino fabric that we use for these covers is the highest quality woven wool available. We work with a Yorkshire wool weaver with over 250 years of history - they make the wool for the Woolsack in the House of Lords and, more recently, they made wool fabric for the pageboys' uniforms for the Royal Wedding.

Get your thermal cafetiere cosy in either dark blue or vibrant red and choose the size of your cafeterie.

Sizes: 3 cup fits a small cafetiere, 8 cup fits the medium size and 12 cup for the largest

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