Aga Hob Covers & Towels

Here at Inchyra Home, we know Agas and range cookers well and that shines through our product collection, specifically designed to make your life easier.

Our innovative Aga hob covers are the only ones on the market that have magnetic fixings, so they don't fall off, every time you lift the hot plate.

Our entire collection of hob covers for the range or Aga cookers come with one-year guarantee, in case the magnets fail during that time. Whether you like our blue check magnetic aga lid covers or prefer the natural check range top covers, you will the ones that fit best to your kitchen decor. All our products are of the best quality, designed and produced in the UK.

Our latest addition to our products for the aga, are the towels. They of the highest quality, woven and dyed especially in Turkey or Pakistan, where the best towelling is made. Outstanding quality is key for us here at Inchyra Home. 

Our innovative velcro fastening design allows you to turn the towel around on your aga or range oven and use the other side instead. Whether you like your black range towels with Gingham edging, bright red or a dark navy blue, there will be a suitable towel for your aga.