By the Door

Here at Inchyra Home we know all about home interiors and necessities around the house. All our Draught Excluders and Door Stoppers are made from high-quality Inchyra linen, and then we have a contemporary Denim Fabric Door Stop. We also have added a Wooden Boot Remover, which is carefully crafted by a family run German company who have made wonderful utilitarian wooden products for over a hundred years.  All our quality products make perfect presents for housewarmings, weddings or birthdays. Whether you prefer the “Stating The Obvious” range, like our 1 Ton Grey Linen Decorative Door Stop or if you prefer one of our beautiful Floral Door Weight Stop. There is something for every taste. All of our door stops come empty and are therefore easy to send by post. Once received, you only need to fill them with wheat, cat litter or rice.  Our collection of Draft Excluders ranges from the elegant grey linen Embroidered Fleur du Lys to the more classic Ticking Blue Stripe Draft Excluders. We hope you find what you are looking for!

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