Our fabulous Range Towels are back in stock!

After an epic battle to source the very high quality toweling that we use for our renowned Range Towels, we are very happy indeed to announce that they are finally back in stock!

These aga towels are one of the perennial bestsellers at Inchyra Home and customers come back to us time and again over the years to replace them. For reasons that are too dull to go in to our source of great toweling dried up about two years ago. It turns out to be a very difficult thing to find and it has taken all this time to track down a new supply of sufficiently good quality.  Finally, about two months ago, we hit the jackpot.

Why does it matter so much?  Well, if you own an Aga or a range cooker you probably know that these brilliant towels that close round the handle of the cooker are indispensable.  But there are towels and towels out there and many of them just don't last that long.  Like most things that we produce, we started making these because we wanted them and wanted to make sure that we were making the best. So, firstly, as you can see, we get the right towelling. And then we get the right Velcro fastening where quality is also important. Velcro is absolutely the best way to fasten range towels because it makes them completely reversible so they last longer.  Next, we have them made here in the UK by a first class manufacturer.  

The upshot is that our towels, which have to be up to going through the wash time and time again, are really very good.  They withstand pretty much everything we throw at them - I think we're still using some that were some of the prototypes.  

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