A big welcome to Home Farm Inchyra!

So, firstly, thank you for finding us. It's not always easy as we are hidden away in the countryside about 5 miles outside Perth in Scotland - which means that from a retailing point of view, we're almost invisible. But we do some very special things here and we're delighted to be letting you know more about these things through this blog. 

The first thing to know is that Home Farm Inchyra was born from a passion for producing gorgeous things that just enhance life.  We're slightly bonkers about quality and that is borne out in the materials that we create, source and use and in the amazing people that we work with. The result of our passion is this collection of truly gorgeous things that we are proud to offer through this website. 

Here's what we do - we work with some of the finest makers around to produce a range of utterly gorgeous linens.  We produce archive inspired prints, luxurious woven patterns and gorgeous rustic plain linens.  Through our sister site at inchyradesigns.co.uk these linens go out to customers and interior designers across the UK for curtains and soft furnishings. At Home Farm Inchyra we then use these linens to produce this exclusive and luxurious range of home wares and accessories that is at once utilitarian, rustic and luxurious.  

There's attention to detail in everything that we do and we will take you on a walk through our work over the coming months.